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Coaching Staff

Head Coach:  Matt Cahill

Assistant Coach:  Mike Jones

Training Camps

In preparation for competition, teams will participate in two to three 2 hour sessions.  Training camps will be used for players to get accustom to playing as a team, and for our coaching staff to implement team strategies.  The hope is to have our players on the same page and competing at the highest level come tournament time.

Training Camp Details:
Day/Date:   TBD (2 to 3 sessions)
Times:        TBD (2 hr/sessions)
Location:    TBD (Parkland)
Training Camp Plan:
  • Dynamic Stretch
  • Stick Skills Warmup
  • Positional training
  • Drills
  • Team Strategy Walk-through
  • Strategy Live
  • Team Scrimmage


World Series of Youth Lacrosse QUALIFIER April 1st-2nd 2017

Click here for more information.


Mad Lax Capital Classic June 24th-25th 2017

Click here for more information.